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The Trail Beyond

Volume X

The Trail Beyond is an annual publication edited and compiled by Tim Lilley of Akron, Ohio. This publication is put out in December of each year. Sadly, this issue is the last issue that will be published after 25 years of dedication to you, the fans of John Wayne. For over 15 years Tim published The Big Trail, a bi-monthly newsletter dedicated to the films of John Wayne. As an annual publication and as the bi-monthly one was, these publications contains anything and everything you ever wanted to know about John Wayne. In the past issues there was information not only about John Wayne but directors, co-stars, stuntmen, and crew. A good deal of information over the years has come not only from research on Tim's part but from the contributions of loyal readers and fans.

This issue of The Trail Beyond contains many outstanding articles of interest.

The price of The Trail Beyond Volume X is $26 (+ $4 for S/H) and can be ordered by contacting Tim Lilley at the address below but if you tell Tim that Newt sent you, he'll knock $5 off that total (from $30 to $25), but don't burn any daylight, pilgrim. There are still available a limited number of copies of past volumes. Drop Tim an e-mail, you can also ask about back issues of the Big Trail.

Tim Lilley
Big Trail Publishing
540 Stanton Avenue
Akron, OH 44301-1554

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