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John Wayne Mystery Cast and Crew Mug

The following images are of a possible cast/crew mug from a John Wayne film. It looks like the mugs that were given to cast and crew of his films. One guess is BIG JIM McLAIN. The Hal from Duke one, could be Hal Baylor, an actor in that film. What I can't figure is the bath tub. What does it signify? Has anyone seen the mug from this film and/or is this it. Another possibility is DONOVAN'S REEF. The Hal from Duke could be Hal Pereira on of the art directors in this film. I am preparing a new page to my website about these collectibe mugs and the info would be helpful.

The mugs were produced by Bob Williams - The Mug Shop and Ketcham Originals. I don't know of any by the Potters Wheel, although, one of the locations of The Mug Shop was in Corona Del Mar. Possibly the Potters Wheel was another business renamed.

If anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know, send your comments.

Mystery Mug One
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Mystery Mug Two
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Mystery Mug Three
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