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This page consists of frequently asked questions that came about from the feedback of visitors that have been received from the comments or suggestions link at the bottom of every page of this website. Keep the questions coming so that I can build this FAQ page up.

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Q - How many films did John Wayne die in?
A - Click here for this list of films.

Q - Where is John Wayne buried?
A - Newport Beach, California. Click here for link about burial site.

Q - Why didn't John Wayne serve in the military during World War II?
A - Click here for a detailed answer.

Q - How can I find the record album that John Wayne recorded?
A - The album title was "America, Why I Love Her". The record is RCA Label LSP-4828. The CD of this album was released July 4, 2001 and can be purchased here thru Amazon.

Q - How do I find THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY (1954) on video or DVD?
A - This film was not released to home video for many years. The High and The Mighty (also Island In The Sky (1953) were released on DVD on August 2, 2005. These classic films include bonus features from Batjac's extensive library of never-before-seen film memorabilia, including commentaries with the filmmakers and cast and featurettes on the making of the films, their subjects and their eras, incorporating new interviews and archival materials.

Click here to read the review of the film, The High and the Mighty.

Q - How many films did John Wayne produce and what were the names of his production companies?
A - John Wayne got into movie production in the late 1940's and he was involved in three production companies. Click here for the complete list.

Q - I heard that John Wayne was regularly on a radio drama program in the 1940's. Can you supply any information about this show?
A - John Wayne was on a program called Three Sheets To The Wind. The program aired on NBC from February 15 - July 5, 1942. Click here for details of the show.

Q - What co-star appeared in the most John Wayne films?
A - Yakima Canutt was a co-star 29 times. Coming in a close second was Paul Fix at 26 times. Ward Bond a mere 18 times.

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