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North to Alaska - 1960
Sam and Angel One hell of a fight

The Comancheros - 1961
Jake Cutter

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - 1962
Liberty and Tom faceoff You Didn't Shoot Liberty Valance YOU Pick it up, Valance

Hatari! - 1962
Sean Mercer & Dallas

The Longest Day - 1962
Lt. Col Vandervoort Even WWII can't stop the game

McLintock! - 1963
Duke and Bruce Cabot I haven't lost my temper in 40 years Attitude Adjustment The boys and chess on the set

The Sons of Katie Elder - 1965
John Elder

Cast A Giant Shadow - 1966
Gen. Randolph & Col. Marcus

El Dorado - 1967
JP and Cole Cole and Maudie Cole and JP JPs Bath Scene

The Green Berets - 1968
Col. Mike Kirby Dodge City

Hellfighters - 1969
It's a poison gas fire

True Grit - 1969
Reuben J. Cogburn Rooster & Lebeouf Rooster tipsy in a meadow Fill your hands

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