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Rio Grande - 1950
Kirby & Kathleen Kirby & Jeff Kathleen Arrives Listening to their song Candlelight Dinner Lt. Col. Yorke injured.

Operation Pacific - 1951
Pop searching for the enemy Dive! Dive! Pour it to him! Still got that old zing

Flying Leathernecks - 1951
Major Dan Kirby Kirby and Griff get their orders Griff taking flyer in hand

The Quiet Man - 1952
Sean Thornton Father Lonegan A kiss in the rain The Wedding Trooper Thorn Contentment Naughty Whisper

Trouble Along The Way - 1953
Steve Williams

Hondo - 1953
Hondo and Sam Hondo At Work

Island In The Sky - 1953
Dooley After The Crash

The High and the Mighty - 1954
Co-pilot Dan Roman Passengers waiting to board A solemn crew Dan Roman tells all what to expect Gonzalez, Radio operator on ship
Coast Guard rescue plane with Carl (Alfalfa) Switzer May Holst (Claire Trevor) making the most of the press Broken but back home safely The crew takes a last look The ancient pelican heads out

Blood Alley - 1955
Capt Wilder still going after attack Capt Wilder gets ferry underway Cathy hiding Capt Wilder Ferry under cover of fog Would you believe woman is Anita Ekberg! Cathy and Wilder together without Baby

The Conqueror - 1956
Temujin Temujin in a tight

The Searchers - 1956
Ethan Edwards Duke and Son Ethan Edwards Ethan Edwards We'll find them in the end Ethan Edwards

The Wings of Eagles - 1957
Spig and Min An Army & Navy party Spig and Dr. Keye

Barbarian And The Geisha - 1958
Townsend Harris & Okichi

The Horse Soldiers - 1959
The Horse Soldiers

Rio Bravo - 1959
John T. Chance Colorado Helps Chance Just the drink Stumpy, Stop Talking John T. in your face A visit from Pat Wayne Watching a chess game

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