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The Long Voyage Home - 1940
Crew busy at Work Sewing Ole's pay in his coat Saving Ole

Shepherd of the Hills - 1941
Shepard's Son

Lady for a Night - 1942
Duke Never Looked Finer

The Spoilers - 1942
Cherry and Roy Watch Out For The Gold Commisioner
Tall in the Saddle - 1944
Rocklin Makes a Deal Rocklin and Arly

They Were Expendable - 1945
Three's Company Boat's Gone, They're Afoot

Dakota - 1945
Watch Out Behind You These guys are not your friends Was Walter Brennan Always Old

Angel and the Badman - 1947
The Marshal's Watching I'm a farmer Quirt and Penny

Fort Apache - 1948
Yes, we've tricked him! Make the regiment ready A Lonely Soldier

Red River - 1948
A Calm Thomas Dunson A Fighting Thomas Dunson

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - 1949
Capt. Nathan Brittles Capt. Brittles & Sgt Quincannon Burial of Trooper Smith Capt. Nathan Brittles

3 Godfathers - 1949
They're afoot in the desert They find mother and baby Searching the trunk for baby help
Learning from the baby book The Kid is not doing well Arrival at New Jerusalem

Wake of the Red Witch - 1949
Capt. Ralls & Angelique

Sands of Iwo Jima - 1949
Sgt. Johm M. Stryker Saddle Up Stryker's Squad I'm going out and get that guy!
Sgt. Stryker Angry A tender moment for Sgt. Stryker Death by Sniper Running up the flag

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